• Kim Starkie

Crunch & munch your way through the March long weekend in Manjimup!

We held an extra market for the March 2021 long weekend and whilst we were lower on stall numbers than usual, with some of our regular growers taking a much needed break, we still had a deliciously colourful variety of fresh, seasonal produce!

Frogsong Farm had fresh hops, carrots, parsnips, garlic, herbs and so much more. They grow on their family farm, using sustainable and organic practises. You can taste the love in their produce. A wonderful discussion and bit of researching broke out in regards to the fresh hops. Yes, hops make beer, but their use as a herbal remedy for many conditions had them flying off the market table in small amounts to be brewed in tea.

They are fantastic for the immune, digestion and women's health, as well as a natural cure for insomnia. 5-6 flower cones in 2 cups of hot water and steep. It can get bitter and very strong, so brew for only a short time when first trying and then, brew to your taste. Works wonderfully with peppermint or chamomile too.

Paula from Deja Vu had a large range of breads and an ever increasing choice for paleo and gluten free diets.

Mary Violets offered a range of preserves, sauces, chutneys and fresh muffins and cakes. They are delicious and are that popular they can be found in some of the local hospitality businesses within the Southern Forests Region.

Yallmurrup', Beth is our jam queen and has something to suit everyone.

Harry & Leanne from Bookalaam Oil have currently sold out of their straight Olive Oil (no surprises there, its delicious) but have plenty of freshly grown produce, flowers, chilli sauces and lime oil.

Tammy Messer from Colour Me Face Painting came along as an added attraction for the children attending the markets. Tammy is a highly trained and crazily talented face painter. Her work has been listed on international websites and from a local event organiser, I can highly recommend her for events or parties.

We also had Mark spinning Alpaca yarn, Espresso Fresh Mobile Coffee, Swirl and Twirl, Jebba Snuggle Sacks, Stained By Glass, eggs from Charcol Springs, Omega Walnuts and One Oak Estate Macadamias.

Thank you to all the visitors for stopping in and supporting our local growers, it was wonderful to see you all enjoying the stunning Southern Forests and Valleys region.

Our next Manjimup Farmers Market date can always be found on our website manjimupfarmersmarket.com or on our social pages.


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