Yummy yummy Yallamurrup in my tummy!


YALLAMURRUP, (hill with a view in indigenous language) is situated in the Middlesex valley, 8 kilometres south of Manjimup in the Southern Forest region of Western Australia.


My husband and I with our son and daughter moved onto our farm of 42 acres, in 1987 after having spent the previous 20 years moving around the state as government school teachers. As retirement was approaching my husband decided to grow some raspberries and boysenberries as an interest which has now grown into a cottage industry.



We now grow raspberries, loganberries, boysenberries, English gooseberries which are picked in December, silvanberries and blueberries picked in January and blackberries picked in February March. John and I do all the picking. These berries are frozen on trays then packed in 1 kilo bags for making jam throughout the year and selling to cafes and other outlets.When in season they are sold fresh locally.



Apricots, plums, figs and quinces are purchased from local growers.

As there was a demand for fresh local garlic John started growing this several years ago..Our customers are very keen to purchase garlic which has been grown in the region and has not been subjected to the chemicals from the imported garlic. Garlic is only sold at the Farmers Markets.